Multi-Carrier Small Cell Solutions for In-Building Wireless

Multi-operator small cells slash deployment costs of in-building coverage by 80%. DOWNLOAD the White Paper & REGISTER to attend the Webinar on 22nd March, 4pm GMT.

ip.access has recently commissioned Wireless 20/20 to run an in-depth analysis on today’s in-building solutions and the market opportunity they address.


The research presents compelling evidence of how neutral host, multi-operator small cells can deliver economically viable in-building solutions, unlocking new commercial opportunities in the ‘Middleprise’, which represents a $20 billion segment of the global in-building wireless market.

For the vast majority of these businesses the high cost of DAS systems is prohibitive and the needs of this market segment are not well served by most mobile operators with traditional single operator small cell solutions.

Middleprise venues include small and medium-sized commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals, colleges and even small retail stores, which all benefit from improved indoor mobile coverage and capacity. Research by CommScope has revealed that only two percent of commercial buildings have dedicated technology to ensure strong and reliable indoor mobile coverage and capacity.


Register for the ThinkSmallCell Webinar, Multi-Operator Small Cell Solutions for In-Building Wireless, 22nd March @ 4pm GMT. With David Chambers, ThinkSmallCell, Randall Schwarz of Wireless 20/20 and Nick Johnson, CTO, ip.access.

READ & DOWNLOAD THE WHITEPAPER: “Multi-Carrier Small Cell Solutions for In-Building Wireless”.

This whitepaper takes a closer look at underserved ‘Middleprise’ venues. Learn how multi-operator small cells can reducethe total costs of delivering enhanced in-building coverage by as much as 80%. (Download available for free,  no registration required.)



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