Tekelec makes case for on-device policy

Tekelec outlines eight use cases for its 'policy everywhere' strategy.

Tekelec, the signalling and policy management company that is being acquired by Oracle, has been hammering its Policy Everywhere message for the past few months. If you were wondering what that term means, then the vendor has outlined eight use cases for policy on the device.

Policy servers sit in the core network and, at a basic level, manage things like whether users have access to certain services or apply data volume and speed limits, and so on.

Tekelec’s Policy Everywhere proposes a network where some of that sort of decision making intelligence can go, via on-device clients, to the device itself. The main driver of that is Tekelec’s MPG (Mobile Policy Gateway) software.

Here are the eight use cases that Tekelec thinks could be enabled by this Policy Everywhere approach. They’re all designed to either save money or make money for the operator, by introducing new efficiences or by letting operators deliver services that take advantage of the network capabilities they have. Tekelec’s terminology for this is that it is enabling operators to become “digital lifestyle service providers”.

1 Network Congestion Management
2 Application Firewalling
3 Application Traffic Scheduling and Management
4 Service Continuity
5 Battery Life Preservation
6 Chargeable Services and Mobile Payments
7 Targeted Mobile Advertising
8 Subscriber Self-Care.

You can read more about each of them here.