Carrier Wi-Fi Meets Small Cells with China Mobile

Programme Manager for Network Technology at China Mobile to speak at Rethink Maravedis webinar.

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Carrier Wi-Fi Meets Small Cells, will be presented by Maravedis-Rethink and feature guest speaker, Mr Tao Sun, Programme Manager for Network Technology at China Mobile.

China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile operator, has an ambitious program for TD-LTE, small cell and Wi-Fi deployment.

Tao Sun has worked in the small cell area for four years and drafted the enterprise femtocell specification for China Mobile, as well as co-leading the small cell project in the NGMN.

He is heavily involved with the carrier’s Nanocell project, which is focused on integrating small cells with Carrier Wi-Fi.

China Mobile has already deployed about 4 million WLAN APs in the network, aiming at 6 million APs in future. It also plans to deploy 200,000 LTE base stations in 2013. Nanocell will play important roles in China Mobile’s network as a cost-effective broadband solution.

The webinar will offer a unique opportunity to gain details and insights into this important project, which will break new ground in LTE deployments, integrated small cells and Carrier Wi-Fi. Other topics will include small cell standards, the use of unpaired spectrum, and the future evolution of the HetNet.

These insights will be complemented by key findings from Maravedis-Rethink’s MOSA (Mobile Operator Strategy Analysis) and RAN Service analysts. MOSA tracks the top 100 4G operators and their business strategies, and has a per-carrier analysis of small cell and Carrier Wi-Fi deployment plans, among other topics.

In the webinar, Research Director Caroline Gabriel will share selected highlights from the latest MOSA and RAN forecasts, including exclusive data in areas such as Carrier Wi-Fi intentions, the emergence of multimode small cells, and LTE-Advanced implementation.

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