Mapping The Mobile Network launches

Website that aims to map mobile network, and companies within it, opens.

Mapping The Mobile Network, the site that aims, in time, to produce a visual guide to the mobile network ecosystem, has launched.

At launch, MTMN starts to build out a map of the mobile network, and the companies within it. Mapping the Mobile Network is supported by launch partner Tektronix Communications.

Lyn Cantor, CEO of Tektronix Communications, said of the launch, “Our goal in partnering with TMN to launch Mapping The Mobile Network, is to facilitate an up to date, highly valuable reference point of how networks fit together, the interdependencies between the various organizations that lie within, and the opportunities that can be gleaned from each one of their component parts.”

Mapping The Mobile Network Q&A:

What have we done (so far)?
We have designed the look and the structure of the site, and built out the capability to bring together elements from across the network. We have started to update our first sector, the radio interface, with schematic maps that show key elements of that sector. We have started to add company information for those companies that provide products and services within the sector.

What have we not done (yet)?
A lot. We have all the other sectors yet to fill, and we have a lot of company details to add. We also have a lot of depth yet to fill – to show the structures and relationships within the network.

Also, in time we will make the map visible as a whole, and join up our element maps to become clickable.

What can you do?
Search for your company, and if it is listed or not listed, submit your company details. Contact us and suggest new elements, or details of our existing elements, for us to start mapping into the mobile network.

You can follow updates on progress of the project on Twitter as well as Sign Up for email alerts.