Harnessing the value of Big Data to Deliver What’s Next

Operators must harness the value of Big Data, using advanced network and customer insight analysis to drive more profitable performance across their business.

Sponsored guest post by Inna Ott, Director of Marketing, Polystar.

The GSMA has chosen Delivering What’s Next as its overall theme for Mobile World Congress. The theme challenges the mobile industry to deliver on the promise of a truly connected society, bringing the benefits of mobile to healthcare, education, transport, enterprise and business, government services, and the connected consumer lifestyle.

That, in turn, challenges us to develop the networks, but more importantly the systems and culture, that deliver the best quality, most tailored and relevant service experiences – whatever they may be. To do this, we need to build businesses that understand and predict exactly what service is required, who requires it, where customers are, what they are trying to achieve, and that can ensure high quality delivery of exactly that service.

If mobile operators cannot deliver on this vision, on what is next, the alternative is to give up control of the consumer experience, and hence much of the value, to current and future competitors.

The good news is that operators already have the power to unlock this vision sitting within their businesses. The power lies in the network and customer insights operators can gain by analysing objective data captured from the networks, devices and databases deployed in the networks. This will enable them to deliver a rich insight of their subscribers’ behaviour, usage patterns and preferences to build a greater understanding of and closeness to their customers. Extracting detailed subscriber information in real-time has become an integral part of the information value chain for big data analysis. By using the export and integration capabilities in Polystar’s solutions, operators can benefit from even stronger big data analysis and make better sense of the information goldmine.

At Polystar we are already at the forefront of enabling operators to deliver services in a quality assured and personalised manner. Polystar’s Customer and Network Insight solutions form the foundation of a comprehensive Customer Experience Management deployment. The solutions help operators to gain deep insight into subscriber behaviour and to provide the best customer experience through outstanding network performance and quality. Polystar helps each operator to make sense of its unique network data and turn it into actionable intelligence. Our market-leading, non-intrusive, true wire-speed probe solutions help mobile and fixed-line operators to simplify the view of ever-more-complex network technologies, visualise an end-to-end network performance and deliver deep and specific insight of the subscriber’s user experience.

Polystar’s Network Insight and Customer Insight solutions deliver actionable intelligence adapted to the needs of customer care, product marketing and key account management teams, as well as network and service operation, engineering, interconnect and roaming departments.

Polystar’s Network Insight solution enables operators to provide the best customer experience through outstanding network performance and quality. It helps operators to gain competitive edge, improve Customer Experience and brand loyalty while taking control of their networks and gaining a better understanding of the network behavior.

Our Customer Insight solution enables operators to secure long-term success with customer experience management. It helps operators to gain competitive advantage by understanding customer behavior, retain the most valuable customers and assure their loyalty. It helps operators to improve overall customer satisfaction, and reduce churn. The latest addition to our range of analytics solution, Marketing Analytics, is designed to deliver comprehensive real-time subscriber awareness and enhanced business intelligence of application usage for telco marketers.

Polystar’s commitment to deepening our Network and Customer Insight capabilities was further underlined by joining the Network Intelligence Alliance, a growing industry body that seeks to educate the market and the public on the role and value of Network Intelligence in protecting sensitive information, delivering value-added services, applications and information and ensuring better performance of network-dependent solutions.

Taking the next step to developing a network and a business that can deliver what’s next starts with understanding and ensuring your customer experience, so that you can drive the future growth of mobile services. Polystar’s Customer Experience Management solutions can help operators to deliver immediate value to their customers, drive revenue and grow their business so that they can truly Deliver What’s Next.

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