Amdocs joins Mapping The Mobile Network as partner of Optimisation sector

Amdocs Network Solutions has signed as a supporting partner for TMN's Mapping The Mobile Network project.

Amdocs connects the dots between customer experience, value and the network performance. Through the recent acquisitions of Actix and Celcite the company delivers software and services to enable the effective management and optimisation of mobile networks.

Neil Coleman, Marketing Director at Amdocs, said, “The planning, design, deployment and optimisation of mobile networks are becoming increasingly critical to operators’ business models.

“By integrating automated optimisation tools with business support systems, operators can deliver effective customer experience improvements by targeting optimisation based on customer revenue and business value.”

Keith Dyer, editor of The Mobile Network, said, “Operators require vendor independent software solutions that can simplify network management and optimisation across 2G, 3G and LTE networks. Mapping The Mobile Network will show how and where these design and optimisation tools operate, the information they analyse, and the outcomes they can produce.

“We’re delighted to have Amdocs as supporting partner for this section of our project.”

“We’re delighted to have Amdocs as supporting partner for this section of our project.”

Amdocs Network Solutions helps operators maximise the return on their network investment by delivering increased network performance, improved customer experience and effective monetisation across the whole network lifecycle.

Its solutions are independent of network equipment, allowing it to operate across all network technologies and the vendor silos that prevent operators from delivering an effective end-to end-customer experience.

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