VoLTE, moving from delay to deploy: free eBook

Although there have been good reasons for delays in deployments to date, VoLTE offers real benefits for operators and the time to deploy is now.

VoLTE: moving from delay to deploy, is the latest eBook produced by TMN in association with Radisys.

Through a main feature-length article and market infographic, it outlines:

– Reasons for the delay in IMS and VoLTE rollouts.
– Objections and benefits that VoLTE can bring to a mobile operator.
– Functions and capabilities of the MRF, a key IMS element in a VoLTE deployment.
– How the MRF can help operators maximise value from VoLTE.
– Infographic that looks at the development of VoLTE, adoption in the market, and the latest data on deployments.

Download VoLTE: moving from delay to deploy for free.

More information on Radisys’ support for VoLTE deployments.