Experience Continuity – The Key Enabler for Connected Cars?

Important new webinar from The Mobile Network, Rethink Research and Birdstep.

The Connected Car market is already growing rapidly and is set to become much bigger as it reaches down from the luxury sector to mainstream vehicles.

Automotive manufacturers, mobile operators and other service providers all hope to tap this huge market, yet to unlock those revenues, it is essential they understand how Experience Continuity is imperative for success.

Without consistent connected services that work no matter the location, all their promises will count for nothing.

For automotive manufacturers, the connected car brings an opportunity for differentiation and for an ongoing relationship with their customers.

For operators, the automotive market offers the potential to extend their smart and connected home strategies and is also a key vertical for their B2B IoT platforms.

Both sectors will rely heavily on being able to deliver the required level of user experience across different network access technologies, user interfaces and devices.

Managing this Experience Continuity to the necessary level will make the difference between delivering services that add value to the in-car experience, and those that hamper it.

Join this webinar to hear:
– Custom research and forecasts within the North American and European Connected Car markets, together with first-hand insight from within the ecosystem on why and when Experience Continuity matters to your business.

– Analysis of the real-world practical challenges of delivering Experience Continuity within the Connected Car environment and the impact it can have on a company’s bottom-line.

– How to build a playbook for ensuring Experience Continuity for your Connected Car offers.

EXCLUSIVE WHITEPAPER OFFER FOR ALL REGISTRANTS: “Experience Continuity – The Key Enabler for Connected Cars?”
All registrants to the webinar will qualify for pre-release delivery of a specially commissioned whitepaper on the North American and European Connected Car experience from Rethink Research.


All registrants to the webinar will qualify for pre-release delivery of a specially commissioned whitepaper

Caroline Gabriel, Research Director Rethink Technology Research and Maravedis-Rethink
Caroline will share the latest market forecasts and insights gained as a result of her research into the Connected Car market.

She has been analysing and reporting the hi-tech industries since 1986 and co-founded Rethink Technology Research in 2002 to focus on emerging mobile technologies. Recently Rethink combined its published research activities with those of analyst company, Maravedis, to focus on LTE and operator strategies.

Lonnie Schilling, CEO, Birdstep
Lonnie will share his expertise in ensuring consumers and industry partners can benefit from a managed approach to user experience.

He brings 20 years of experience of equity investment, strategic business development, architecture sales and marketing within the international communications market. He was most recently Director, Mobile Service Provider Sales & Business Development at Cisco and has held leading management positionsat Motorola, ITT, Worldview Technology Partners, Bolt Beranek and Newman (BBN).

Keith Dyer, Editor, The Mobile Network
Keith will host the webinar, and will keep his speakers on track with the interests and demands of their audience (ie you!). So if you have any questions or suggestions for Keith prior to the webinar please Email Keith.