Cornerstone gets access to thousands of Arqiva sites

Cornerstone signs 10 year deal with Arqiva to install site equipment for Telefonica and Vodafone networks.

Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Ltd (CTIL) has signed a ten year deal with Arqiva to put equipment on Arqiva’s sites as part of its consolidated network grid.

As the release is quite jargonny – sample quote: “working in partnership with CTIL we are supporting the provision of the core footprint for the future of 4G in the UK” – we asked Al Davidson, Director of mobile and fixed networks at Arqiva, for more information.

Here’s our brief Q&A.

TMN: In a nutshell, the release is saying is that CTIL is going to lease sites owned by Arqiva for ten years?


TMN: How many sites are included in the deal?

CTIL: The agreement allows for full sharing rights on all existing sites and a number of new installations. Arqiva currently has 8,700 active sites and a total of more than 16,700 sites available for sharing.

TMN: Will these sites also host equipment for MBNL, EE, Three?

CTIL: Arqiva announced in 2008 a site-share deal with MBNL (EE / Three) and they currently share around 5,000 of our sites.

TMN: Is this just for macro sites or does the agreement include “small cell” inventory such as street furniture, lamp posts, bus stops etc, in cities where Arqiva has concessions?

CTIL: This agreement does not include small cells and inbuilding, however as Arqiva’s role is neutral host infrastructure operator, we do market those facilities to all operators.

* Telefonica and Vodafone set up a JV called Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Ltd (CTIL) in 2012, expanding on a prior passive network sharing and purchasing JV vehicle called Cornerstone. CTIL is buying and building a consolidated network “grid” that both companies will use for their 4G networks. Arqiva owns and operates cell sites (towers, rooftops etc) across the UK, as well as neutral host small cell and in-building infrastructure.