SpiderCloud Wireless scores LTE in-building deal with Verizon Wireless

LTE validation for SpiderCloud, and it's not from Vodafone.

Fairly big news drops in the inbox from SpiderCloud Wireless. The company, which to date has announced public operator deals with Vodafone UK and Vodafone Netherlands for its in-building small cell system, has released news that it is supplying Verizon Wireless.

The deal, which is for LTE small cells, extends the company’s publicly announced operator base beyond the Vodafone Group, which is an important validation for the company. Although SpiderCloud has hinted that it has other operators deploying its products, to date it has not had sign off to go public. Aside from the actual dollar value of the business, it will be particularly pleased to announce Verizon because a) it is a US client and b) the operator is a major LTE operator.

With competition for small cell in-building solutions coming up on the rails, the LTE angle is tactically important to SpiderCloud as it is keen to establish market leadership. Its small cells can be 3G + LTE, or LTE + LTE which is the configuration Verizon Wireless is deploying. Note also that Verizon was the anchor “friendly quote” operator for Ericsson at the launch of its Radio Dot System last year – so taking business there will be another pleasing aspect for the SpiderCloud team.

Here’s a link to the press statement in which the company says it has ” begun working with Verizon Wireless to supply small cell systems for its Verizon Wireless business customers.”





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