eBook: evolution of transcoding in the network

Free eBook: Evolution of Transcoding Architecture in the Network

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TMN, in association with Radisys, has published an eBook that explores the development of media transcoding functionality in the network.

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Media processing and transcoding enables devices and services that use differing codecs to communicate with each other across networks. Technologies such as VoLTE and WebRTC are bringing the requirement for the support of new protocols and codecs in the network, with analysts predicting strong growth.

Are current media processing deployment options future proofed to address these requirements? Is there a need for both hardware and software support for transcoding? When should media transcoding be integrated with gateway and border elements and/or deployed as an adjunct function ?  Additionally, mobile operators are assessing the possibilities of Network Functions Virtualisation. What does this mean for elements such as the MGW  and SBC?

This eBook explores how transcoding is currently performed, what demands will be placed upon the transcoding function, and how operators can flexibly meet their future needs.

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