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"Hello? Can you hear me?" Delivering exceptional VoLTE service quality end-to-end. Download this free white paper from Viavi Solutions.

As operators focus on building networks that can handle rich content, where does that leave consumers who also want to use their devices to talk?

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VoLTE is the operators’ technology of choice to enable faster connections, HD voice, and to integrate with RCS to maintain customer engagement and revenue. VoLTE, however, is not without its challenges: the RAN, IMS, policy control, and signaling management make it difficult to manage QoE end-to-end.


VoLTE brings many benefits to both the user and operator. However, it is not without its challenges, from the complexity of a call set up with the relevant QoS to ensuring the radio network can deliver the necessary resources. The user expectation is that VoLTE will be a superior voice service and the operator will need to ensure the service meets the customer needs. To understand more about the challenges and how to deliver exceptional VoLTE service quality end-to -end, read this complimentary Viavi White Paper.


In addition to the free white paper – Viavi Solutions has a webinar on VoLTE quality available to view on demand here. (No registration)

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