TMN Quarterly announces its first ever guest editor

Mary Clark, Syniverse CMO, is inaugural guest editor for upcoming issue of TMN Quarterly.

Clark Syniverse desk editor

Regular editor Keith Dyer and inaugural Guest Editor Mary Clark, CMO, Syniverse.


The next issue of The Mobile Network Quarterly, to be published on May 30 2016, will have a new name on the masthead as Mary Clark, CMO of Syniverse, takes over the title as its first ever Guest Editor.

Clark, an influential and leading player in the industry, is bringing her own priorities and insights to this issue of the magazine, choosing editorial topics and overseeing the editorial process.

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The issue is already up and running with Clark commissioning four feature length stories on the following topics:

  •         Mobile Privacy – balancing the personal with the personalised
  •         Contextual Communications – enabling the context of a mobile transaction
  •         Ad Blocking – changing the game in mobile content delivery
  •         LTE Rollout – the next age of the mobile service experience

Keith Dyer, Editorial Director of The Mobile Network, said, “It’s going to be a really interesting process watching someone else take control of the wheel for an issue.

My sense is that she wants to open up conversations and viewpoints, to see the industry challenge itself

“In fact, Mary has already made her mark upon this edition of TMN Quarterly by giving us some highly topical issues to explore, and suggesting new voices to include in the magazine. My sense is that she wants to open up conversations and viewpoints in these areas, to see the industry challenge itself and communicate in a better way with customers on these key issues.”

TMN will keep its readers updated with the Guest Editorship process, expanding on further topics and content to be featured in the issue.

To contribute to the issue or enquire about feature content send an email or hit us up on twitter.

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