How Parallel Wireless changes the small cell network paradigm

Parallel Wireles CTO Rajesh Mishra on a different approach to deploying the small cell RAN.

Parallel Wireless has had an attention-grabbing first half of 2016. It followed up Awards success at Mobile World Congress with a double win at the Small Cell Forum Awards this week. That the latter two awards were both for commercial deployment is an indicator that the company is now having success in the field in live, operator deployments.

So what is the technology that is underpinning this start-up’s success, and what is different about Parallel’s approach and its architecture?

In this conversation CTO Rajesh Mishra tells Keith Dyer that how the company’s Het Net controller – a virtual gateway – plus its small cells, are designed differently from the competition, opening up a range of possible use cases and applications.

Parallel Wireless small cells.