Vasona takes O2 London pilot into full commercialisation

Vasona's edge-based traffic management tech gets commercial deployment in Telefonica's London 3G and 4G network.

Vasona Networks has announced that Telefonica O2 has deployed its cell-level optimisation technology on a fully commercial basis.

In March 2015, TMN reported details of Vasona’s DRCF technology and how Telefonica was conducting a 700 site pilot in London of its SmartAir and SmartVISION products. At that point the technology was being used to fine tune capacity at busy 3G sites. The commercial deployment announced today mentions both 3G and 4G, but provides little extra detail over last year’s announcement.

Vasona’s press release contains a quote from Telefonica O2 CTO Brendan O’Reilly stating that Vasona has demonstrated its ability to “drive network performance improvements during peak times of the day so that our customers get a consistent experience when using their mobile device.”

At a recent event (Small Cells World Summit) held in London, O’Reilly said that the biggest challenge he faces at the moment is delivering capacity in dense urban environments. However, he added that the issues were not technical but mainly ones of deployment. 

If companies did come with technical solutions, they must be focussed in on the end customer experience. “If you bring me technology … the most important thing is that you have understood the needs of our customers,” O’Reilly said. The work the operator is doing with Vasona demonstrates that approach, perhaps, in that it proves out that the operator is willing to engage in technical solutions  in the network where they can solve a customer need.