TMN Quarterly Issue 15 features and editorial plans

Our feature plans for Issue 15, how to contribute and issue deadlines.

1. Open Source and open network platforms

What does the open and Open Source network mean? We are seeing industry visions both big and small: OpenNFV, Open Source MANO, OSSii, ATT eCOMP – but how will the “Open” landscape come together 

What TMN needs: Views and contributions on what “Open” actually means in the context of mobile networks. News on latest industry partnerships, alliances and outputs.

2. NFV – assuring the virtual world, virtually

Service Assurance and the virtual world. Service Assurance and active test as a virtual function in physical and virtualised networks.  

What TMN needs: Examples of how operators and vendors are instrumenting, monitoring and assuring networks using virtual probing and test functions in the network. And of how these may move forward to provide assurance of a virtualised network itself.

3. Siting and planning

Across the world operators are looking to get quicker and easier siting permissions, a process that will be critical to LTE network densification and then 5G. Look at the actual costs and processes involved in getting a network on the ground.

What TMN Needs: views on, and experience of, the mobile authorisation process on siting and planning applications in different jurisdictions.

4. Walking in a 5G wonderland

Picturing a 5G world – Although everyone says we “can’t imagine” what applications and use cases 5G might bring, let’s try imagining some. Far out, man.

What TMN needs: Your best futurist thinking on where 5G (true 5G) could head. And how that might realistically be achievable in the network.

Country Profile: India

Anatomy of an Operator: Profile of 4 innovative wireless network provider business models

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When to get in touch with offers of comment, opinion etc: Any time before 30 August.

Issue Publication: September 30