Apple listed to attend Mobile World Congress for first ever time

Apple Inc appears on Exhibitor list for Mobile World Congress 2017. (Update: and then un-appears)

Sharp-eyed TMN reader, Ian Hood of Babel PR, has spotted what TMN thinks would be the first ever official Apple presence at Mobile World Congress. (UPDATE 21:30 BST: The previous link now heads to a “page not found”. As you can see from the screengrab below, the link was live earlier.)

Famously, Mobile World Congress has sailed on its serene way without Apple ever bothering to run up the gang plank and join the other industry passengers. The company does not attend CES or MWC, preferring instead to corral the world’s press and much of the public’s attention to its own events.

But this year the Exhibition catalogue credits Apple with a listed presence in three meeting rooms. The company’s listing shows that it has booked space in the App Planet, Hall 8.1, as well as in the upper level that runs above Hall 2.



Interestingly, all three rooms are still listed merely as “GSMA” on the current version of the exhibition floorplans. Spectrum Communications of Shanghai and IPONWEB look to be getting some illustrious neighbours for company at MWC 2017. Citibank and American Express might see rather more traffic than normal up on the walkway.




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