Subscriber Data Management | Your key to success in NVF, IOT, and OTT

Essential, critical and generally misunderstood – transform your knowledge of Subscriber Data Management


New Perspectives in Subscriber Data Management is a market-defining e-book on a topic of crucial importance to the future of mobile operators.  (Sponsored Article)

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Take a lead over your competitors by understanding how to transform this critical pillar of the mobile operator’s business.

You may think you don’t need to know about Subscriber Data Management (SDM) – it may seem a dry and technical topic – but you would only be only right if you can tick “Yes” to all of the following:

  • You can safely look away now if you have no interest in helping your business use your unique knowledge of Customer Identity to form alliances with OTT players, compete with OTT players and generate new lines of business in the digital economy.
  •  You do not need to know how to re-structure SDM if you do not need to deploy IoT services and IoT networks profitably, securely and at dynamic scale.
  •  You can leave this e-book alone if you are ambivalent about other players monetising your customers via your network.
  •  You can safely ignore SDM if you do not care about your business’ success in transforming the network and harnessing all the benefits of NFV.
  •  You can safely discount this detailed, informative, clear e-book… as long as you are not responsible for growing your company’s revenues from the delivery of contextual, relevant and targetted new services.
  •  You can move on if you are not responsible for ensuring the best possible quality of experience for your customers.

What the e-book is about

This e-book is authored by subject matter experts at Openwave Mobility with over 12 years’ experience deploying SDM solutions with mobile operators. It gives a detailed yet clear, concise and accessible breakdown of how to consolidate, federate and safely exploit Subscriber Data within the operator business to enable business and network transformation. It explains when and how to use Mobile Identity to trigger new service offerings and partnerships with OTTs.

It breaks down the impacts of SDM into three key areas; IoT, NFV and OTT collaboration. It lists SDM requirements you need to look for in each deployment use case. It recommends how to build the best SDM architecture and what to look for in a winning deployment. And it does all this in clear, concise language and visuals, with a constant focus on enabling agility and flexibility within the operator to drive increased service monetisation.

If you care about the operational environment of your business – about IoT, NFV, the OTT threat request it now.

Request a copy of the e-book*

*Please note, this e-book will only be made available to those working for or within mobile operators.




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