Huawei introduces CloudAIR spectrum sharing technology

Advanced scheduling will enable different RATs to share the same spectrum, Huawei says, as it launches major mobile cloud network push.

Huawei used its Mobile Broadband Forum to launch a new spectrum sharing technology called CloudAIR.

Edward Deng, President of Huawei Wireless Network Solution, said that CloudAIR uses advanced scheduling to allow different RATs (Radio Access Technologies) to share the same spectrum within a carrier band. Although details were slim it appears CloudAIR will dynamically allocate frequency resource units, changing them “slot by slot” to configure channels for different RATs, thereby avoiding interference.

The technology also includes the capability to share power between RATs, as well as a concept called User Centric MIMO (UC-MIMO) can deploy automatic logical TRX combinations.

The CloudAIR technology will be demonstrated in MWC 2017, Deng added.

It is part of a massive drive Hauwei will make towards the “Cloudification” of the mobile network, from the core to radio. Its Mobile Cloud Edge, launched two years ago, now has 10 commercial deployments, Deng said.

The next step will be the development of Huawei’s Mobile Cloud Engine – a means of modularising different network functions to deploy them across the network depending on use case. Cloud Engine will also enable cloud network features such as decoupling User and Control planes to allow for concurrent connections on different layers (macro, small cell) of the network, as well as uplink and downlink connection across different layers. Mobile Cloud Engine will be released commercially in Q3 2017, Deng added. Cloud Engine will also provide a platform for third party developers to site apps.

Deng said that in his view CloudEDGE, CloudRAN and CloudAIR innovations will be as important to the industry as its SingleRAN design was in enabling converged RAN rollouts.

Expect to hear a lot more about Mobile Cloud Engine and CloudAIR from Hauwei over the coming months.



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