Launching INsync, the new network analytics package from TEOCO

Video exclusive: launch of TEOCO's INSync real-time digital analytics solution.

Network data, application data, subscriber data – there’s no shortage of access to data feeds from across the operating landscape.

As network and service complexity increases and new technologies are adopted, this will only increase. What operators need are correlated network and customer analytics that enable them to focus on real business issues and the subscriber experience.

At Mobile World Congress TEOCO launched INsync, designed to pull together data from the network and the device, and to present it in a way that makes sense of specific business use cases and services such as VoLTE and video.

Derek Canfield, VP Analytics at TEOCO, says that operators are looking for solutions  that simultaneously support real time network analytics and trouble-shooting of evolving services, while also supporting the ability for marketing and customer service to optimise and monetise the customer interaction.

INsync and INsync mobile enable operators to do just that.

This video was produced in association with TMN sponsor TEOCO.
More information on INsync and INsync Mobile.