NEW WHITE PAPER || Gaining an EDGE in Video Delivery

Discover a new way to deliver video by shaping traffic to take account of current cell conditions.

Understand a new way to optimise video delivery across mobile networks using an edge based platform.

Video is the number one traffic type on mobile networks, and its share of overall traffic volume is only set to grow.

Not only that, but more and more video traffic is now encrypted at source, meaning that traditional traffic optimisation tools are  ineffective.

What if there was a different way, a way that enabled operators to  shape the delivery of video traffic to current conditions within a cell?

This white paper outlines how operators can improve end users’ quality of experience while saving RAN Capex using an edge based platform that enables cell-tuning and video content optimisation on a fine-grained, cell-by-cell level.

It should be read by anyone with an interest in delivering the best possible quality of experience to users of video, a critical service.

The white paper addresses the challenges of optimising video (including HTTPs) delivery across the network, and introduces a solution from Vasona Networks called Smart Guided Video Rate (SmartGVR).

Operators and content providers have attempted to improve delivery of video by employing techniques such as Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) streaming, but ABR can struggle to keep up with the pace of change of dynamic RAN conditions. Operators are also finding legacy techniques hampered by the increased use of encryption by content providers and web players.

This White paper covers:

*Challenges of ABR and encrypted video streaming

*Vasona’s Dynamic Rate Control with Feedback, the core traffic-management technology enabled by its edge-based platform

*Smart Guided Video Rate features,  including use cases for rate shaping, server guidance and granular cell-level tuning

*TCP optimisation and mobile throughput guidance, a key MEC use case

*Real world use cases

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