Spectrum refarming and the hunt for interference

Download this paper on how to hunt for interference when you are clearing or re-farming spectrum.

Test spectrum refarming drive testOperators clearing spectrum for refarming need to verify that spectrum is clear so that existing spectrum can be used for refarming purposes.

Verifications are required by regulators, and of course by technical teams to optimise network performance.

With refarming, one issue is that you cannot rely on network OSS to provide information on interference – for the reason that you haven’t deployed any new carriers yet.

This report from Rohde & Schwarz describes how operators can undertake interference tests and collect spectrum data, even across a complete network area, in very short time frames and without deploying their most skilled technicians up front.

The solution is based on tools that enable quick discovery and analysis, and can then help operators target where to send dedicated teams to track down the source of interference.

Where there are ongoing issues with interference, the tools can also enable operators to identify ongoing causes of interference in the network without incurring network down time.

This paper outlines an operational model designed to enable operators to rapidly and efficiently hunt for and test spectrum interference.


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