Changing the WiFi customer experience

Automated optimisation of the WiFi user experience can change the game for service providers, providing a competitive advantage as in-home connected devices and services proliferate.

Better customer experience with WiFi – faster throughput, improved coverage, and an automated or quick fix when things do go wrong – will keep operators relevant as more and more in-home devices and services connect over WiFi.

This video, with Todd Mersch, Founder and EVP Sales & Marketing, XCellAir asks four simple questions:
1. What is automated WiFi optimisation?
2. Why should service providers be interested in it?
3. How does it work?
4. What are the results?


How does it work?
Download your own copy of the XCellAir WiFi optimisation visual .

For more about the details and the results of the Videotron deployment:
1. Case Study: Download your own copy of the case study with more details of the results of XCellAir’s deployment with Videotron.

2. Webinar: Access this on-demand webinar detailing the deployment and results in full, with speakers from Videotron and XCellAir.