The intelligent edge and how to get there

Dirk Trossen outlines why networks need an intelligent edge, and describes new routing technologies that can enable it. He also says that edge compute goes beyond the mobile network operator.

The requirement to place compute resources near the edge of networks is a matter of physics – meaning there is a need to break out and route services very near to the end user.

As one enabling technology, InterDigital has developed a technique to route services directly over Layer 2, reducing latency by redirecting requests at the edge without a DNS requirement. It can also enable L2 multicast of content, for instance where many users are all looking at the same common VR content. The technology is being trialled in Bristol in a live 5G test bed.

And for 2019? Trossen says that we should look to non mobile network operator implementations of the edge. “The market is wider” than the mobile operator, he says. At least half of mobile edge compute scenarios don’t necessarily involve a mobile network operator, he says.

Want to know more about using the capabilities of a L2 network for edge computing, or how crosshaul technologies will play a role?  Dirk Trossen outlines his thoughts further in an exclusive article for TMN in our latest issue. Read it here.

The article is part of an ongoing investigation into Telco Innovation that TMN is undertaking, with the support of InterDigital. The report features interviews with leading operators about their innovation strategies, and you can read Part I and Part II of those reports now.