URLLC 2018 Live Blog

Keith Dyer brings live updates from 2018's URLLC conference.

Hi, we’re at URLLC 2018, covering the sessions live. Updates from the event will refresh automatically. You can choose whether to see latest comments at the top or the bottom of the feed.

Looking back on last year’s live blog of the inaugural version of this event, I note that there was very much an exploratory tone, with some key questions arising:

What are the parameters of URLLC, and what technologies can meet them? How much of a gap is there between URLLC demands, and what technology can deliver? What sorts of uses are there for URLLC – from media and entertainment to industrial automation to emergency services comms?  Is URLLC a true telco-only opportunity, or might enterprises or other players be better placed to go it alone, utilising unlicensed networks and/or private networks? Can competitors within vertical sectors communicate amongst themselves, so as to present coherent requirements for 5G and URLLC to telcos?

A year on, we will find out how things have moved on…

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