A Guide to NB-IOT technology and testing

This guide explains how NB-IoT works, and how operators can test set-up and performance of NB-IoT devices and supporting infrastructure.

This guide from Rohde & Schwarz explains in clear language the technical structure of NB-IoT in the network and operational options for service providers.

It then looks at the methodologies that operators can use to test their NB-IoT coverage, network performance metrics and application layer KPIs. That includes the deployment of test NB-IoT devices and UEs, as well as network scanners to support NB-IoT.

If you want to understand more about the underlying technology of NB-IoT, deployment options, how to test, trouble-shoot and optimise network deployment, this Guide takes you through it all.


– IoT and NB-IoT market and use cases
– IoT technologies and terminology
– NB-IoT network testing solutions from a single source
– NB-IoT testing using network scanners
– NB-IoT testing using cellular IoT devices
– NB-IoT network optimisation and troubleshooting
– A real-world experience in connecting a cellular
-NB-IoT device to a network
– NB-IoT base station deployment verification

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