Managing mobile data and cloud operations in the 5G era

At Mobile World Congress, Openwave Mobility presented a range of solutions that enable mobile operators to deal with the challenges and opportunities of data management in today's networks, and in 5G.

Predictive RAN Congestion Manager with Machine Learning

Data traffic on mobile networks grows by by 50-60% every year on average. 70% of that is video and 80% of that video is encrypted. This can lead to certain cell sites suffering from congestion spikes. Today, operators deal with this in a fairly static and reactive manner. Openwave Mobility has launched RAN Congestion Manager, a solution that uses a Machine Learning based algorithm to predict which traffic will cause congestion and then dynamically optimises that traffic only for congested sites. With a high degree of accuracy in predicting which traffic will cause congestion, it can deliver 20% savings for the operator in terms of RAN congestion.

True cloud native operations for 5G

To truly benefit from the potential of 5G, operators need to adopt the fundamental principles of cloudification and openness in the network. But telcos also require 5x9s reliability. That’s a conundrum that can be solved in a cloud environment by separating out the state from the network functions, using a common data layer. This creates a highly reliable, distributed architecture. Although this is an evolution that many vendors are just starting on, Openwave Mobility’s Stratum is a mature, telco-grade cloud data management solution that enables operators to cloudify functions. It has just announced its first contract win for a 5G common data layer.

Managing and monetising encrypted traffic

On average, 80% of data traffic on a mobile operator network is encrypted. To help operators manage and monetise this “dark” traffic, ENEA has brought together Openwave Mobility’s data management and Qosmos’ application classification to create a vDPI solution. Use cases include advanced analytics, service-based pricing and parental control services.

Introducing the Mobile Video Industry Council

Mobile Video Industry Council is a private, neutral forum for operators from around the world to meet, share knowledge and learn from each other how to handle current and future issues related to mobile video. With a first successful event in October 2018, more events are planned – and Openwave Mobility invites all operators to attend.

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