Targeting the network solutions sweet spot, Core2Edge

Between commodity hardware and proprietary telecomms products lies a sweet spot - and that's where Kontron is aiming.

Kontron launched its new Smart Infrastructure brand to highlight its integration of a smart software layer with its customised hardware platforms to create open, carrier grade products to support workloads across the telco network – from data centre to the edge. The Smart Infrastructure launch reflects the recently completed acquisition of SDN specialist Innocybe.

Commercial hardware can struggle in certain environments, while carrier-grade platforms from NEPs are expensive and tie carriers into closed proprietary systems. Kontron’s aim for its Smart Infrastructure (Core and Edge) solutions is to provide carriers and OEMS with optimised solutions that combine carrier grade performance with the openness and price competitiveness of COTS devices.

“We believe there’s a niche in the middle where you can provide purpose built hardware for demanding applications like edge computing, smart cities, autonomous vehicles and 5G.”


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