White Paper: Harness the Power of AI to Deliver Intelligent Assurance


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are of growing importance for telecommunications providers seeking to automate network management and maintenance processes and move towards intelligent assurance.

Digitisation demands more complex systems and automated planning operations. The Internet of Things and 5G technology have driven the development of new standards that let devices communicate without human interaction, so today’s telecommunications management systems need to respond to many varied events, to be “always on”, and to operate at the highest levels of security.

AI can assist with all of these challenges and more.

First, AI solutions may be deployed for automated situation generation, which can automate the process of analysing and removing causes of multiple events. This is especially useful when a single root cause would otherwise lead to many alarms that are time-consuming and labor-intensive to address.

AI is also applied for automated problem generation, involving deep analysis of recurring network problems, allowing embedded problems to be rooted out. In this respect, the advantage of AI is that it will keep going until the issue is identified, unlike human analysts who will eventually suffer tiredness and may lose concentration.

Artificial intelligence can additionally be used to increase the number, flexibility and dynamism of variables required for automated baseline generation and anomaly detection. This can help identify symptoms of problems before they become issues for customers.

Read more in-depth analysis of this issue in Comarch’s new white paper, entitled “Predictive Maintenance as the First Step Towards Intelligent Assurance”.


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