Quality evaluation of streaming video on mobile networks

This white paper details today’s video streaming protocols and techniques and explains how to measure video Quality of Experience from a subscriber point of view.

For consumers, the quality of video streaming is a very direct indicator of network quality – and one that is easy to perceive.

For the mobile network operator, the ability to deliver a positive video experience to subscribers is therefore hugely important. It is also directly related to their ability to introduce new services that are based on or use video, such as teleconferencing, live video broadcasts, video chat, gaming and AR/VR.

However, since most video delivery is managed by servers and clients that are out of the operator’s control, it is essential that operators can test video services in order to get a good understanding of how their end users are experiencing video.

This paper discusses the challenges operators and content providers must overcome in order to deliver high-quality and consistently available video services.

It then explains how to measure perceived video quality in a mobile network, and to benchmark operator performance against competitors.

Building up from first principles, this Rohde & Schwarz MNT paper describes how video services are delivered, including:

– The basics of video delivery and the difference between video delivery methods content
– An analysis of transmission protocols and how they work
– How various delivery strategies result in different usages of network resources
– Where and how adaptive bitrate and compression decisions and delivery are made
– Video codecs and compression techniques such as management of colour space and image object

It then provides a full technical explanation of video testing and recommends the best approaches:

– Assessing resolution and video quality
– Image-based video quality measures: no-reference” and “full-reference” model
– Bitstream-based video quality measures
– Measurement standards such as ITU J.341 VQuad and J.343.1 VMon
– Benchmarking video services in the field: understanding how a network performs relative to its competitors

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