5G NR network measurements using network scanners and advanced data analytics

The AppNote describes the highlights of real-time 5G NR analysis in pre-commercial 5G NR trials and early deployments (5G NR scanning use cases) and functionality of R&S®TSMx6 products

Together with R&S®ROMES4. 5G NR is expected to become the major radio access technology during the next years. With the use of higher frequencies, several new technologies like beamforming have to be used to overcome the increasing path loss.

During the whole chain of lab testing, field trials, network rollout, optimisation and benchmarking, measurement tools are required, which describe the RF conditions in the field precisely to understand e.g. beamforming and its impact on the coverage area. Passive measurement tools (e.g. scanners) are not limited to certain operators, bands or signal components. With their multi-technology measurements, they are also prepared for 5G NR non-stand-alone measurements.

The Application Note will highlight where users of network scanner will benefit and what can be analysed.

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