Mavenir puts early 2020 date on 5G software release

Mavenir launches 4G/5G vRAN solution. Puts a date on 5G release.

Mavenir has said that it will have 5G software available for its vRAN platform in early 2020.

The company announced in a press release that it has launched its “fully virtualised 4G/5G OpenRAN solution.” 4G is ready to go now, and the platform is software upgradeable to 5G.

The company told TMN that the 5G software is currently in test, and would be available in “early 2020”.

As for now, as TMN reported recently, the company has developed vRAN software capability that can run on general purpose hardware, with support for RAN baseband splits known as 7.2 – with the O-RAN Ethernet fronthaul interface – as well as for the higher layer 3GPP Split 2.

If you put out a release calling a product 4G/5G, and then say the product is 5G-ready via a software upgrade the obvious question is, when is 5G itself ready? And now we have “early next year” as a date.