Hunting interference in the uplink of 5G TDD networks

Discover how to identify and locate 5G NR interference.

interference hunting in 5G
Interference hunting in 5G

5G is here, and the first networks are being rolled out across the world. Expectations about high-speed transfer data, ultra-low latency and ultra-high reliability are high. A completely new range of applications and services is waiting to be launched.

5G NR brings another new aspect to the field: it is the first time that time division duplex (TDD) networks will have a global footprint. For many operators, the challenge starts with understanding the implications of managing a TDD network, especially when interferers threaten to decrease performance and reliability.

In TDD networks, the downlink and uplink use the same frequency, and one potential drawback is that downlink signals can mask interference that can significantly decrease performance and reliability. 

Read this Application Card to discover how mobile network operators can identify and locate 5G NR interference in TDD networks.