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TMN Q coversSince launching in February 2013, TMN has created and crafted a magazine that we are truly proud of.

TMN Quarterly has become a must-read in the industry. It remains the only magazine dedicated to mobile network technology that pushes boundaries. We match features that are simply a “great read” with the presentation of visually appealing, accessible information on a whole range of network technology advances and developments.

Now we are entering the next stage of our development and to help us do that we are moving to a paid subscription model. That means that you will not receive any more copies of TMN Quarterly unless you become a paid subscriber.

We are making a subscription to an entire year’s worth of issues of TMN Quarterly – plus unlimited access to our un-matched archive – plus access to our new Inside TMN-Q  members-only content – available for £99/ €110 / $120.

Here’s why we think that’s a brilliant offer for any TMN Quarterly reader.

Here’s what you get with TMN Quarterly:

  • The clearest explanation of current technology trends – the controversies, the challenges and the opportunities
  • Unrivalled knowledge of, and access to, the companies developing the most relevant, newest and exciting mobile network technology
  • A remarkable, ongoing record of on-the-money insight into future technology, and market direction
  • Visually brilliant breakdowns of vertical market sector needs, mobile network operator and country profiles
  • The smartest industry opinion and insight

Our offer: what a subscription to TMN Quarterly gets you

4 Issues per year:
That’s four complete print magazines, produced to the highest quality with the best writing and visuals, all delivering analyst-level understanding of current and future trends.

Complete archive access:
Only TMN Quarterly subscribers will get access to our complete archive. Our archive unlocks the journey of 5G, NFV, Cloud Networks, the growth of AI and ML in network automation, plus our unrivalled range of country and mobile network operator profiles. An incredible resource.

Inside TMN Quarterly:
Our new, exclusive “members only” area: Inside TMN Quarterly gives you priority access to interviews and conversations with our Editorial Board members, live-blog commentary on events from our Editor, Keith Dyer, plus a monthly members-only newsletter with exclusive content from TMN and our network partners.

Increased focus:
As the industry changes, so we are changing too, to include more content on Private Networks, edge networks and the space where industries and businesses intersect with the mobile networks. 

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Our Commitment to you

Moving to a subscription model will enable us to invest more in the writing and design of the magazine, delivering a high value product four times a year that will keep you up to date with the latest network technology – all in our trademark style. It will also enable us to invest in a lasting, quality, print product.

We have already re-engaged our original (and brilliant) launch Art Director. Just as importantly, we are also engaging new freelance writers to bring fresh words into the magazine, and to keep the quality of the features as high as they should be. 

And we are putting together a new Editorial Board, with some exciting names from across the industry to add insight and direction.

So, what now? Well, the next issue of TMN Quarterly, out in September, will be the first issue that is only available to subscribers. Here’s a sneak look at our upcoming September 2020, December 2020 and February 2021 issues.

September 2020: The “Game Changers” I$$ue
Who are the disruptive new vendors from the open, dis-aggregated, cloud native world that will take down the incumbent players? Should you invest now?

What are the next big markets for MNOs and their challengers, and what technology can unlock or block them? Industry Verticals, The Edge, Private Networks

December 2020: The “Make a Call” Issue
Making the hard calls on the MNO landscape at the end of the year – from 5G to IoT to business model transformation, what is working, and what is not, and what does that mean for the network?

February 20th:  The MWC2021 Issue
Our annual look at the state of things in mobile network technology, as the industry assembles, either in physical or virtual form, for the its biggest annual event. Always our premium issue of the year. 

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