Viavi expanded and nobody noticed


Viavi Solutions has acquired a French data analytics company called Expandium. Expandium markets itself as using “big data technologies” to offer insights and analytics for network monitoring, fraud detection, troubleshooting “and much more”.

It has Service Quality Management and Customer Experience Management tools that are based on its data crunching capabilities that can be deployed in virtualised environments.

Accoring to Expandium, Viavi is keen to get its hands on its “innovative technologies and footprint into standards such as 5G and MCS, and for the complementary offer of its products into VIAVI’s portfolio.” A statement said, “Expandium was selected for the already-proven flexibility, reliability and scalability of its real-time solutions based on virtualised architecture.”

In fact, although Viavi is planning to release the acquisition news tomorrow, Expandium has had the news on its own website since June 2, and already brands itself as “a Viavi Solutions company” on its website. Normally TMN is compliant with agreed embargos but as this one seems to be nearly three months out of date, we reckon it’s safe to go with the “reveal”.

Companies in the network monitoring and data analytics space are scrambling for position to provide tools and capabilities that can not only monitor and analyse cloud-based operations, but that can also be deployed in public and private cloud environments themselves. EXFO and Accedian are two companies that have been on the acquisition path in recent times, as has Viavi itself.