Free White Paper: Network Performance Score

Network Performance Score (NPS) - the single score for network QoE

This white paper describes how to build and apply an integrated methodology to characterise mobile network performance.

There is a demand for an efficient method of calculating an overall score that reflects the perceived technical performance of a network. The method described in this paper considers and weights the key performance indicators (KPI) for a wide range of services and combines them into an overall performance score.

This score can be calculated for individual regions such as cities, highways and popular areas. The scores of the individual regions are then aggregated in an overall network performance score.

The value of such a methodology is that mobile network performance can be expressed in a single, integrated metric that can be independently and transparently compared on a national and international level. These results can be used to develop a program of network improvement actions to achieve the desired level of performance.

This paper is written by Dr. Jens Berger, Johanna Sochos and Dr. Marija Stoilkovic and contains details on KPIs to be used for voice calls, video and data sessions, performance quality calculations, test methods and outlines how to apply the ETSI-standard Network Performance Score methodology.

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