Cohere Technologies announces Spectrum Multiplier platform

Cohere Technologies productises radio software smarts.

Cohere Technologies has announced the commercialisation of software designed to make radio networks operate more efficiently.

During 2019-20, the company pivoted away from its original ambition to market wireless equipment based on its OTFS waveform. Instead, it used the core of the OTFS  technology – its Delay Doppler-based channel detection, estimation and prediction – to create software that can be used to enhance radio network features such as beam forming for massive or Multi User (MU) MIMO.

In early 2020, Cohere demonstrated the channel estimation technology working on an O-RAN RIC during trials held by Deutsche Telekom. The trial investigated the use of the technology to enable beam forming management for MU-MIMO. Results at that point indicated that using the technology in this use case might double spectral efficiency, no doubt giving Cohere the impetus to call the commercial platform Spectrum Multiplier.

Ronny Haraldsvik, CMO and head of Business Development, told TMN, that the Spectrum Multiplier software can now be deployed as an xApp on an O-RAN RIC, or it can be integrated to the vRAN CU/DU.

“Any congested cell or wider geographic area will benefit from Cohere’s software. Even when not congested, the software will help reduce latency and thus improve performance for the users served,” Haraldsvik added .

The company said that it will launch the software “by the end of 2021”.

You can read more about Cohere Technologies and its Delay Doppler based software here.