Using direction finding to locate mobile network interference

New on-demand webinar: finding mobile network interference.

RF Interference Hunting Where can direction finding be used for maximum advantage?

RF interference can degrade the performance of your cell sites, and impact badly on user experience. For critical applications, it can have important consequences. Therefore it is essential to be able to find the source of interference quickly. This webinar will show you how you can do this in just minutes.

Ensuring the highest quality of experience in demanding RF environments requires specialist equipment and the use of expert techniques such as direction finding. This webinar describes the process of interference hunting, examines the test tools available and identifies where direction finding can be used for maximum advantage.

RF and site engineers, contractors, quality assurance, test and measurement and network operations teams should access this free webinar to learn about:

  • How to identify cells that are suffering from interference
  • How Direction Finding works
  • Real world examples and data
  • How to switch off interference
  • Test solutions and where to use them


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