White paper: Interactivity Test for new 5G use cases

A new whitepaper explains how to design and deploy tests to understand the performance and quality of new 5G use cases.

Learn how to simultaneously measure the fundamental performance characteristics of 5G mobile networks.

To understand the ability of a 5G network slice to support a particular use case such as Industry 4.0 or Augmented Reality, it is necessary to measure the key performance parameters of throughput, latency and continuity.

An interactivity test combines testing round trip latency, packet delay variation, packet error rate and proofing bit rate in one single test , delivering a representative quality indication for a given use case such as eGaming.

As 5G networks are rolled out, new use cases are launched, and networks exploit slicing functions, understanding the performance of the applications will become vital.

Download this free interactivity test white paper to learn more.