Taking Open RAN Commercial

How we got Open RAN ready for scale deployments.

As The Mobile Network prepares to release a new report into Open RAN Commercialisation, we asked Mavenir CMO Stefano Catarelli about the key points the report raises.

– Is Open RAN ready for commercial deployments at scale?
– What is left to do when it comes to operators’ requirements?
– What is Mavenir contributing to this wider scale deployment?

Cantarelli says that there’s a “big momentum” for Open RAN, and that operators are indeed ready for large scale commercial deployments, driven by a combination of factors.

What he’s excited about is that the Open RAN architecture can meet requirements to deploy networks in a different way. That gives brownfield and greenfield operators flexibility in their deployment options, for instance to densify for mmWave and M-MIMO coverage, or to meet use defined cases by aggregating baseband processing in micro datacentres distributed at the edge.

See how one of the key companies in the Open RAN ecosystem sees the state of the market right now…


TMN’s Open RAN Market Report 2021 is now available to download. Please enter your details on the form below.

(Mavenir is platinum sponsor of TMN’s Open RAN Market Report 2021: Commercialisation)