New to download: Telco Cloud Market Report 2021

The cloud, the edge and the telco. A TMN Market Report.

After some re-working and re-tooling of initial efforts, mobile operators are now beginning to harness the benefits of cloud technology across their businesses, from their IT and business processes, through the core, right to the RAN and the edge of the network.

But where are they headed next. This Report picks up two main strands. The growing relationship between the public cloud hyperscalers and operators, and at the role of the edge within telco’s infrastructure transformation.

Covering recent operator announcements and developments, it examines how operators can move forward, managing a multi cloud deployments, and building the capability to manage a distributed edge compute architecture. 

A lead interview from MobiledgeX’s Jason Hoffman outlines why he thinks the edge can be a unifying strategy for mobile operators engaged on this journey.

In addition, there’s an exciting line up of exclusive interviews with a list of business and technology leaders from Amazon Web Services, Red Hat, Wind River and others. These range from those leading efforts to harmonise service delivery at the edge of the wireless network, to those seeking to introduce automation capabilities within a telco cloud that is hybrid, multi-cloud and distributed. 

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