How operators win with an edge-native cloud

Operator edge-native clouds can provide a unified compute fabric for multiple networks and use cases, says Caroline Chappell of Analysys Mason.

This ground-breaking paper explains how telecoms operators have the opportunity to win at the edge.

It outlines how they can enable the nascent edge-native cloud so that they can strengthen their connectivity business and, crucially, participate fully in and benefit from new revenue and business models.

It argues for the implementation of an edge-native cloud by telecoms operators – a cloud that is highly distributed and hyper-localised to enable services that make use emerging AR/VR, AI, vision and sensing, mobility and other advances.

It lists and explains the key elements that operators will need to master to deploy this edge-native cloud, and to create business value by doing so:

  • A software mindset
  • A state of the art edge-native cloud environment
  • Edge-native orchestration and automation
  • Building a developer community focussed on edge use cases
  • Collaboration with other operators – a unique opportunity

Future data and event driven applications will require an edge-native compute fabric that goes  beyond today’s edge cloud rollout. Download the paper now to find out why: