Accelercomm “doubles spectrum efficiency”

Code that can be deployed in a number of ways can double spectrum efficiency, reducing operator costs.

As operators spend billions on spectrum and on 5G network rollouts, solutions that enhance power and spectrum efficiency are going to be key to their ROI and business models.

Rob Maunder, CTO, Accelercomm, tells Keith Dyer how  Accelercomm’s advanced Layer One Physical Layer technology can be integrated to double 5G spectrum efficiency.

Maunder says, “We write code to describe and implement the 5G physical layer. We have solutions for LDPC and Polar Code, channel estimation and equalisation. Our solutions can double spectrum efficiency. This allows for the amount of base stations to be reduced, or the amount of spectrum or power required to be reduced.”

With a variety of deployment options, from software-only to FPGA and ASICs, and support for Open RAN interfaces, find out how operators and equipment providers can take advantage of the technology.