What’s next for 5G?

5G SA, Open RAN, the telco cloud, private networks and hyperscalers. Make sense of it all.

At MWC22, experts from Dish, AWS, Mavenir and Koch Strategic Platforms joined TMN to discuss what is coming next in 5G, both in technology and in the upcoming business opportunity.

It’s an open and revealing discussion that you can navigate using the chapter headings in the video player.

The panel revealed how Marc Rouanne, EVP and Chief Network Office, Dish Wireless is rolling out his network, why he is excited to be able to compete on the speed of innovation, and how the industry is changing as a result.

Marc Rouanne key quotes:

“When we brainstorm we have use cases that come every day, and because it’s software we are like, oh yeah we can do that now.”

“I’m a bit surprised that people think Open RAN is difficult. What’s difficult is deciding to get there, but once you get there it’s not difficult, it works.”

“When we started, the cloud was not telco grade – and AWS has done an extraordinary amount of work to make that telco friendly.”

“Our vision is if we go for standalone we will be friendly for enterprise networks. Our job per enterprise is to bring a sub network that exposes data in a way that we can consume it with the new cloud tools so you can use the power of analytics. Today’s network don’t expose that data, so for us the big game is to expose the data per enterprise, give them access to their own private network, and then they can innovate.”

Chris McKenna, Senior Product Manager, AWS Edge, says that not only is the cloud changing telco, but telco is changing the cloud.

Chris McKenna key quotes:

You’ll hear us talk a lot about our edge continuum. That’s terms we have given to all the products that sit in the telco space, addressing those workloads that sit outside the core of our network, in the edge of the telco network.”

“We see it as a massive evolution in our cloud. Not only is the cloud coming to telco, but telco’s changing the cloud.”

Bejoy Pankajakshan, CTO, Mavenir, explains how Mavenir is designing product that can be integrated natively into multi-cloud platforms, allowing operators to scale rollouts and take advantage of cloud tools.

Bejoy Pankajakshan key quotes:

“It’s one thing to run on AWS, versus natively integrating onto AWS to use all their tools, and unless you natively integrate you don’t get that benefit.”

“Some operators are looking for baby steps to try the public cloud. Our products need to adapt to all these different variations. Today from an end-to-end perspective we’d be the only ones that could provide that full stack.

“At MWC we announced a NaaS offering allowing our product to run in the cloud on a SaaS basis. These are packages offered through a variety of offerings to different customer sets.”

Adam De Wolf explains why Koch Strategic Platforms is investing into the 5G space, and into Mavenir, and how Koch Industries’ own operations are expecting to engage with 5G and with telco network cloud platforms.

Adam De Wolf key quotes:

“When we talk to our operational leaders in Koch Industries, the answer is clear about how we improve: more sensors, more IoT, more mobility. Historically they have not had the partners to deliver those use cases in way that brings the developer community along to drive innovation.”

“One of the things that was so interesting for us was Mavenir’s full software approach. It allowed it to serve the needs of Dish Network, and by solving that problem it solved the problem of someone who may not have the same scale as Dish, but Mavenir was building that scalability from a one server blade network up to a nationwide network.”

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