Going public from a private network

Private network core specialist says solution is "holy grail" of private wireless.

A group of companies has outlined an architecture that will enable a single SIM device to roam from a private network onto a public network. The solution will be available via AWS’ private network capability.

An architecture diagram presented by AWS’s Awaiz Khan at the Enterprise 5G Live event, shows how Federated Wireless, Athonet and Syniverse have created a solution to allow a single-SIM device to connect to either private or public networks, without running up against handover issues where coverage areas overlap.

Syniverse’s HSS and Athonet’s MME are connected using the S6a interface. A device with a global Syniverse IMSI can connect to the Athonet EPC (on AWS) which is connected to the OnGO (CBRS) enabled access point.  If that device then roams onto a public network, the connection to the public network is made via a connection between Syniverse’s roaming partner and Syniverse’s HSS. If it is a device that doesn’t have the mobility requirement, it registers with the Athonet HSS to stay on-net.

Athonet’s Director of Corporate Development, Nanda Menon posted on LinkedIn, “WE’VE CRACKED IT! Roaming between public and private mobile networks on a single SIM is the holy grail of private wireless – but it has long been plagued by hand-off issues between public and private networks when there is overlapping coverage.

“Thanks to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and our partners Federated Wireless and Syniverse we’ve now brought seamless hand-off between public and private networks… so mission and business critical-users can move reliably between private sites, the outside world and back again with reliable and predictable connectivity.”

Menon said the capability would be,”Available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with the Athonet mobile core without limits, Syniverse roaming and Federated Wireless SAS and deployment expertise.”

In 2019 Syniverse said it was working with another core software provider, Affirmed Networks (now past of Microsoft’s Azure), to create a private IoT solution. Affirmed’s vEPC was engaged to support work Syniverse was doing to explore private wireless with Federated and with Ruckus.