Green networks and the sustainable operator

TMN Quarterly dedicated to green network technology and operator sustainability strategies.

TMN Quarterly, Issue 33, will be dedicated to the development of green network technology and the sustainable network operator.

Recent climate-related events across the world, and a squeeze on energy resources, have highlighted what we have long known – that businesses must operate sustainably, and that sustainable businesses will be winning businesses.

Issue 33 of TMN Quarterly, published in October 2022, will be the GREEN NETWORKS issue.

It will include:

  • Interviews with executives leading sustainability and green networks practices at leading Mobile network operators.
  •  Net Zero and carbon neutrality implementation strategies – including operator case studies 
  •  R&D and green tech: industry innovation and development: new materials, energy efficiency, power management, chip designs, circular economy – can a mobile network ever be “green”?
  • The issue will also look at The ICT contribution that mobile networks can make: how mobile technology can be used to “green” other industries
  • Finally it will look at emerging ambitions for 6G – can it be a delivery vehicle for green networks? A look at early thoughts on achieving sustainability by design within 6G.

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