The Truth About Open RAN

New event from TMN aims to clear up doubt about Open RAN deployments.

Open RAN deployments are advancing at pace globally, but there continues to be some market uncertainty about the level of that advance.

This webinar will do away with that uncertainty. It will take a real-world look at actual Open RAN deployments, state where commercial successes are being achieved, and explain the purpose of live deployments.

The webinar will reveal up to date information on:

• Open RAN deployment numbers
• Who is deploying and where
• The structure and make-up of those deployments
• Operator successes with Open RAN
• Specific solutions that are bringing commercial benefits to deployers and operators.

UPDATE, 16/ 01/ 23:
We’re very pleased to announce that DenseAir’s Founder and Chairman Paul Senior has joined our panel for the event. Paul is an experienced industry leader with a clutch of patents to his name and a strong background working in companies such as Airspan where, as CTO, he led deployments with Sprint and RelianceJio.  With DenseAir, he is establishing a new business model for wireless networks, deploying neutral host infrastructure.



  • Paul Senior, Chairman & Founder, DenseAir
  • Caroline Gabriel, Co-Founder and Research Director, Rethink Research
    Caroline Gabriel is Co-Founder of Rethink Technology Research and its Research Director. She is also the Content Director of the Small Cell Forum and a Research Director at Analysys Mason. She is expert in wireless and mobile technologies, markets and business models and has led Rethink’s wireless research programmes since the company’s inception in 2002. Her particular areas of expertise are the technologies and economics of 5G RAN and core, virtualised RAN, Open RAN, small cells, network automation, wireless network optimisation and experience. She has led consulting assignments for a wide range of stakeholders including Tier 1 operators, equipment vendors, regulators, policy makers and investment companies.
  • Dr Doug Pulley, Chief Solutions Architect, Picocom
    Dr Doug Pulley is Chief Solutions Architect at Picocom with over 30 years of experience working as a technologist in the wireless industry. He co-founded Picochip, the pioneer behind ‘baseband processors for femtocells/small cells’, and was CTO from inception to company exit. In Doug’s broad wireless career, he has not only worked in semiconductors but for an infrastructure manufacturer, an operator, and a regulator with experience at Intel, AT&T/Lucent, Vodafone and OFCOM. Doug holds a PhD in coverage techniques for wireless networks from the University of Bath and an Masters degree in Psychology specialising in cognitive neuropsychology. He is the inventor of multiple patents in wireless techniques in CDMA, OFDM and mmWave radar.
  • Keith Dyer, Editor, The Mobile Network

Date & Time: 8 February, 2023, 3pm GMT