Monetising 5G with a common cloud platform

How operators can monetise 5G, and see a return on their network investments.

Muhanned Alabweh, SVP Solution Engineering, Infovista, says that the biggest challenge that CSPs face is unlocking the true potential of 5G – in other words 5G monetisation. In a recent survey, only 14% of operators believed they have realised the ROI they expected with 5G.

So how can operators turn this around? Well the biggest enabler is having a common platform that can automate the diferent stages of a 5G deployment, through planning and design, testing and deployment and then assurance of new services enabled by network slicing. That can unlock for smarter capex and aditional revenue streams, and 5G service monetisation.

Alabweh tells us:

  • Why having a common platform for those processes is key
  • The use cases can it unlock
  • Why automation progress has been slow to date
  • How telcos can start to introduce automation to unlock monetisation opportunities

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