Huawei updates on Digital Managed Network Solution

At MPLS SD & AI Net World, Huawei will host an IP Gala that will update on its Digital Managed Network Solution.

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Carriers can enable SMEs to benefit from the trend for cloud transformation and industry digitalisation by providing Digital Managed Network Solutions that leverage new IP capabilities. This will increase carrier revenues and boost ROI on network investments.

At Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2023, Steven Zhao, Vice President of Huawei Data Communication Product Line, launched Huawei’s Digital Managed Network solution. The solution is designed to give SMEs access to cloud-based enterprise service applications, with the full range of assurance and dynamic network management that large companies can benefit from.

Zhao said, “Carriers have a large number of private line customers and boast three advantages: strong customer relationships, best-in-class network connectivity, and professional experience. As such, it is easier for carriers to provide managed network services for enterprise customers and quickly gain market growth.”

Moving mission critical enterprise applications to the cloud means that enterprises must have guaranteed performance and reliability. Wireless campus networks also require a different set of network assurance skills to wired networks. Additionally, enterprises need a cost effective solution to secure networks, data and services.

To enable carriers to provide these requirements, and bring SMEs into the digital enterprise world, Huawei launched its Digital Managed Network Solution. By leveraging new IP capabilities and architecture, this solution can also enable carriers to upgrade the quality assurance and automation capabilities of their network infrastructures for differentiated site-to-cloud private lines.

The solution includes Private Line plus Managed LAN, Private Line plus Managed WAN, Private Line plus Managed DCN and Private Line Upgrades.

  • A Private LAN + Managed WAN can leverage cloud management technology to reduce the need for field support, and provide converged services across wired, wireless and IoT access.
  • A Private LAN + Managed WAN, using SD-WAN technology, enables hybrid networking of traditional MPLS private lines and other private line technologies. This helps enterprises quickly migrate to the cloud, and increases ARPU of private lines by over 15%.
  • A Private Line + Managed DCN solution leverages Huawei’s converged DCN solution to streamline services inside and outside the cloud and greatly reduce provisioning time, reducing TCO by 36%.
  • Private Line Upgrades gives carriers a means to provide tenant-level network slicing, with SLA assurance, to SME customers.

IP Gala at MPLS SD & AI Net World

All of these topics, and more, will be addressed by Huawei at its IP Gala, a Day 0 pre-event convening of MPLS SD & AI Net World 23 conference, running from 14:30 –17:30 on Monday 17 April at Le Palais des Congrès de Paris. Huawei will extend further information about the Digital Managed Network Solution, expanding upon its demonstrations at MWC23.

IP Gala MPLS SD AI World

Themed Digital Managed Network, Boost New Growth, the IP Gala will address topics such as how to build future orientated intelligent IP networks, network architecture evolution and how to promote IP protocol innovation and accelerate SRv6 innovation. These are the building blocks that enable operators to more efficiently offer converged, cloud-based and automated Managed Digital Network services to customers.

Reflecting the MWC launch, the IP Gala will conclude with a topic looking at how to Boost New Growth with the Digital Managed Network Solution.

Huawei’s presence will continue into the MPLS SD & AI Net World event, which runs from 18-20 April. At its booth, Huawei will showcase demos and interactive experiences of its Converged IP Network and Private Line 1 + X solutions. Visitors will be able to view demos of a cloud-based, LAN & WAN converged network service, Private Line + Managed Network Security and Private Line + Premium service, with automation, SRv6 and slicing.

Ten Huawei expert speakers will also present during the event, covering topics from network slicing to Network AI, MANO, telemetry, security and SRv6 enhancements. These are all key capabilities that are leveraged within the Digital Managed Network Solution.

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