Open RAN and Open Optical at TIP

As TIP opens registrations for FYUZ 2023, understand the priorities of its Open RAN and Open Optical groups with these two free white papers.

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As the Telecom Infra Project’s (TIP) FYUZ event opens for 2023 registration, TMN can offer you exclusive insight into the workings of two of the organisation’s busiest Project Groups – Open Optical and Open RAN.

Two white papers, produced in association with TIP, explain the achievements of the project groups, and their priorities for 2023. They deliver great insight into the work of TIP’s members to deliver commercial, open solutions for the market, forming a resource to take forward into FYUZ 2023.

Read and download the Open RAN paper here:
How TIP is bringing market-ready Open RAN solutions together

The paper looks at how TIP’s test and validation program, and industry alignment, can accelerate development and adoption of commercial, carrier-ready solutions.

With input from TIP leaders and from mobile network operators that are members of TIP’s Groups, it covers challenges of deployment, validating market-ready products, building trust between ecosystems and the level of operator support for TIP’s processes.

Read and download the Open Optical paper here:
How TIP’s Open Optical Group is driving forward disaggregated transport network solutions

Open OpticalThe paper reports on the work of the subgroups in the Open Optical programme, achievements to date and future goals. It covers the development within the following project groups:

  • DSCG – Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway
  • MUST – Mandatory Use Case Requirements for SDN for Transport:
  • DOS – Disaggregated Optical System
  • DOR – Disaggregated Open Routers
  • MANTRA – Metaverse Ready Architecture for Transport Networks
  • PSE – Physical Simulation Environment
  • NOS Network Operating System


TIP’s FYUZ event is returning to Madrid in October 2023, after a successful inaugural event in 2022. The event brings together top operators, industry vendors and partners to progress the cause of open, fit-for-purpose, networks.

Last year’s FYUZ event saw sessions on Open RAN, Wi-Fi, Optical and Fixed Line, as well as the telco Cloud and Private Network.

To be a part of the discussion in 2023, and to understand more about how TIP’s Project Groups interface with the industry to deliver market-ready open network solutions, visit the FYUZ website here.